Welcome to Village of South Wayne

The Village of South Wayne, located in the southeast corner of the County, was originally named Collins, in the 1880s, after the local railroad superintendent. Since there was another Collins in the state, the Village's name was changed to South Wayne, in honor of the Revolutionary War hero and minister "Mad" Anthony Wayne, with the "South" added to distinguish it from the community of Wayne in northeast Wisconsin. The Township around the Village was called "Lost Township" because the official government survey was lost on its way from the U.S. Land Office.

The railroad that was vital to the creation of South Wayne has now been replaced with a recreational trail that brings thousands of visitors to the Village year round. A mile or so west of the Village is the memorial marker that commemorates the Spafford Creek Massacre, where Sauk Indians killed four men in the 1832 Black Hawk War.

The town's sleepy look belies the hustle and bustle of commerce and recreation. More information about South Wayne is available by calling the Village Office at (608) 439-1011.